If Life Were Written in HTML, This Would Be the </blog> Post

And with that cheesy title, we’ve officially come full-circle. If you can remember far enough back, my very first blog post had a title with a little coding humor, as well. It’s fitting, therefore, that I end on a (somewhat) comedic note, too.

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Fun in the Sun…dry Ways to Build Your Skills Over the Summer

As the school semesters begins to wind down and draw to a close, you might be thinking that freedom is in sight—you may even see the light at the end of the tunnel. However, as I touched on in a recent post, the education of a web developer never stops. Summer is a great time to stretch your design and coding knowledge on your own time and without the threat of grades.

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“Will Design for Dollars”—A Guide to Landing More Freelance Clients

Freelancing is great. You’re the boss. You get the make the decisions. You don’t have to share the profits. Who wouldn’t want to freelance? Especially in industries like ours, freelancing is a particularly attractive option because you need little more than your web design and development skills to have a business.

But not all that glitters is gold. With all that freedom comes a certain level of instability. According to a study conducted by Edelman Berlandmajor barriers to freelancing include finding work and subsequent income insecurity. In spite of those barriers, however, 34% of our national workforce is made up of freelancers. So, if you’re seriously considering trying your hand at self-employment, how exactly do you find clients and make money?

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