Hello World!

For those web developers out there, the title of this introductory post may have incited a chuckle or two. Maybe it would have helped if I had included an <h1> tag? (I definitely tried. WordPress didn’t think it was too funny…)

Welcome to the official blog for Jake’s Creative Design. Here I’ll be sharing thoughts, inspiration, recent trends, helpful tips, and other information about web development, graphic design, and maybe even some user experience design. I hope to make this blog useful for aspiring web designers and developers, as well as business owners who may be looking to revamp their website.

As a freelance designer and developer, I spent a lot of time developing for clients, practicing my skills, and learning new techniques to make my designs awesome. I love creating user-friendly designs and solving brain-busting coding problems. Learn more about me and what I do on the About page or at my website.

I want this blog to be a conversation between you and me, so be sure to share your thoughts on the various topics I post by commenting. Do you have an idea for a topic you would like to see me cover? Did you see something I missed and want to add? Let me know!

Look for more posts coming soon. In the meantime, don’t forget to subscribe and follow me on Facebook and Instagram!



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