If Life Were Written in HTML, This Would Be the </blog> Post

And with that cheesy title, we’ve officially come full-circle. If you can remember far enough back, my very first blog post had a title with a little coding humor, as well. It’s fitting, therefore, that I end on a (somewhat) comedic note, too.

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Live Tweet: Purdue Rising Professionals Panel

This Sunday the Purdue University Old Masters program is hosting a panel of young Purdue alumni as part of the Rising Professionals program. The Rising Professionals program strives to connect current undergraduate students with distinguished recent graduates who have achieved early career success. This year’s panel of Rising Professionals will discuss how experiences and opportunities at Purdue led to their success. The event is open to all students campus-wide.

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Make Hay While the Sun Shines: Avoiding Screen Glare When Working Outside

It may only be February, but spring is definitely on its way here in Indiana. Warmth and sunshine dictated the weather this past weekend, and the outlook for this week is looking pretty positive, as well. With forecasts starting to improve, you may be tempted to ditch your office to soak up some sun while working on your latest project. But beware of the dreaded productivity killer often found lurking in the great outdoors: screen glare.

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