Web Dev 101: Make Your Code Editor a Productivity Powerhouse

In my very first post in the Web Dev 101 series I foreshadowed a post with tips on making the most of your text-editing software. Welcome to that post. Let’s take a look at how beefing up your text editor with useful plugins can make your job as a developer easier and more intuitive.

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Web Dev 101: Learning Resources for Coding Languages

Spring is inching ever closer here on Purdue’s campus. Though temperatures are on a downswing this week, students are gearing up to head off to warmer climes: spring break starts this Friday for Purdue. Therefore, I will not be posting next week and will return the week following when classes resume on March 20.

If you happen to have my luck, the week-long hiatus from school does not equate to a trip to the beach. And, unfortunately, next week’s forecast doesn’t promise much spring-like weather. That means there will likely be a lot of “inside time” in the near future. What better way is there to spend that time than learning some new web development skills?

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Web Dev 101: Code—The Language of the Web

I’m a native English speaker, and I can speak un poquito español, but if you ask me, I’ll tell you I’m multilingual. That’s because I’m a web developer, and the web is built using a variety of different types of code known as languages.

In this first of two posts as part of the Web Dev 101 series, we explore front-end coding languages used on the web and list my suggestions for learning developers.

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Web Dev 101: Getting Started as a Web Developer

So you’re thinking of becoming a web developer, huh? Or maybe you’re just interested in learning some coding techniques to make your WordPress blog your own. Either way, I have a secret for you: Learning how to build websites is actually not that hard. In this series of posts I will offer some suggestions and resources for starting your journey in the world of web development.

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